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Evernote Performance Increasing Thanks To Google Cloud Platform


Evernote Performance Increasing Thanks To Google Cloud Platform

Evernote Performance

Evernote has today announced that its migration to the Google Cloud Platform is now complete, bringing improved performance to its user base as well as minimal impact during the migration.

The amount of data Evernote has uploaded to the cloud is equal to roughly 10 or more copies of every modern book ever published and included 5 billion notes created by Evernote users together with 5 billion attachments.

Evernote’s SiNing Y. Chan explains a little more about the migration and what you can expect now the move has been completed.

To borrow from the analogy of moving to a new house: At first glance, Evernote’s new home in the cloud may not look all that different, but it’s built on a much stronger foundation, sits on a larger lot, comes with new plumbing, and even has an upgraded alarm system. Overall, it’s a much better place to live.

Rather than pouring resources into the day-to-day maintenance of equipment and software required for running the Evernote service, we can now focus more of our time and energy into responding to customer needs. Though subtle at first, this move to the cloud will bring about more noticeable benefits in the not-so-distant future, such as increased uptime, security improvements, and faster delivery of new and innovative features.

Although every engineering endeavor is different and encounters unique challenges, cloud migration efforts of this magnitude usually take longer than expected (9-12 months) and consume more resources than originally estimated.

So what benefits can you expect to see once we’ve completely settled into our new home in the cloud? For many, Evernote is an extension of their minds, so security has always been of utmost priority. With encryption at rest and improved disaster recovery planning, we can provide an extra layer of protection for your thoughts and ideas.

It’s common practice to encrypt data when it’s being transferred from one place to another so it can’t be read, even if it’s intercepted. The concept of ‘encryption at rest,’ however, means that your data is protected, even when it is not being moved anywhere. Disaster recovery planning ensures that we are better equipped to restore the Evernote service smoothly and quickly, in the unlikely event of a major disaster.

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