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Makita Portable Rugged Battery Coffee Machine


Makita Portable Rugged Battery Coffee Machine

Makita Portable Rugged Coffee Machine

Makita the Japanese power tools manufacturer has this week unveiled a new rugged battery coffee machine it has created, designed to run from a power tool battery and complement their range of tools. Allowing construction workers to brew their favourite coffee while on site with ease.

The rugged coffee machine takes the form of the Makita CM501DZ and uses the same 18V BL1860 battery utilised by the company’s range of power tools, which include, drills, sanders, circular saws, jigsaws and more. A fully charged BL1860 battery is capable of providing enough power to brew approximately 5 cups, 640 ml in size.

The new Makita CM501DZ is not the first coffeemaker from the power tool manufacturer and follows on from the first Makita cordless coffee machine launched a few years ago. Makita also provides a variety of flavoured coffee pods for the machines, although you can use regular ground coffee if preferred at a more affordable price.

The Makita CM501DZ portable rugged coffee machine is now available to purchase throughout Japan priced at 11,900 yen approximately $112. Although the 18V BL1860 battery is not included. Unfortunately no details on worldwide availability of been announced as yet by Makita, but when they are we will keep you informed as always.

Source: Verge

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